Couch to Half Marathon for Beginners

Marathon running is not easy and takes a lot of hard work and dedication to accomplish such a task, but you can honestly go from couch to marathon running if you really want to.

The task ahead of you may take quite some time if you are new to the life of fitness, but following these simple guidelines will help you complete a half marathon, and soon after you will be ready to take on the more advanced techniques to improve your performance further.

Motivation and Goal Setting

You must be motivated in order to go from couch to half marathon status, and without it you might as well just remain on the couch and watch some more television.

Marathon running is going to decrease your body fat percentage and increase your lean muscle gains. Simply put, you want to tell yourself that you can get things rolling and make time to train properly. Once this decision has been made you should set some goals.

Your goals for going from couch to marathon running should be both near and future.

First, think about run times and reaching a specific amount of distance. For example, a person who has only ran a mile in their lifetime would feel ecstatic to reach being able to run five miles.

Next think about your future as well. Do you want to place in the top ranks of your marathons, or weigh a certain amount upon completion of your beginner marathon training schedule? The choice of goals to set is yours, and believing in yourself is what helps you achieve them.

Nutrition and Gear

You want to eat plenty of healthy foods that contain high amounts of nutrients. Simple carbs and unhealthy fatty foods destroy your body and chances of being able to complete a half marathon.

Complex carbs such as quinoa, whole grains, and brown rice should be a part of your marathon diet plan in order to supply your body’s metabolism energy to drive forward in the marathon.

Also include protein which is going to assist your muscles through the growth and recovery phase.

Dietary fats will be used as a secondary source for energy, which is used when your glycogen levels from carbs have been used up. See my Marathon Training Diet for more information.

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