The Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet

Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet Reviews suggest Best Walking Shoes For Men; Hiking Shoes For Women; Best Working Boots by high quality, cheap, brands, convenience & weather resistant.

When choosing the best hiking boots for you, there are many factors you need to take into consideration. What terrain will you be hiking on? How long of hikes will you be taking? How sensitive are your feet? By reading this page we’ll be sure to help you select the best hiking boots for your specific needs!

Get Your Exercise Using The Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet For Men

There are many health professionals out there who could go on and on about how walking is one of the best exercises. All you have to do is get out there and move around. You can walk in different places, so your surroundings should never get boring, and you can also walk with a partner or listen to music.

If you want to ramp things up, you can always start to jog. But of course when you walk all the time for exercise, you’re definitely going to need the best walking shoes for men. Have you looked at some of the top-rated shoes out there for walking and jogging?

They are going to take quite a bit of wear and tear. Sure, you go walking all the time from place to place, but this is continuous walking for a long distance. I can tell you just from being a person who lives on the boulevard in a beach city that my shoes get quite a bit of wear and tear, quicker than most people’s, because I walk everywhere.

Top 5 The Best Hiking Boots For Wide Feet For Men

Product Name Quality Price Our Rating
Salomon Men’s Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Boot A+ $$$
4.6 Stars
KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot. A $$
4.6 Stars
Vasque Men’s St. Elias Gore-Tex Backpacking Boot. B+ $$
4.2 Stars
Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot. A $$$
4.1 Stars
Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot B $$$
4.2 Stars

**Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

The Five Best Hiking Boots For Men That You Need To Have

Are you looking for a pair of shoes for hiking? Then, this article will show you the most reliable ones that you have ever known. I am a university teacher and a botanist.

Therefore, I love going climbing on the mountains and walking into the forest to watch trees growing as well as taking pictures of that process. I also live in the North of Carolina, which has one of the most diverse vegetations in America.

And that makes hiking and climbing even more attractive. And I cannot finish all of the roads without my hiking boots. These hiking boots from different brands in this article have been lying in my collection and following me for five years.

Apart from being stained by the long time and weather of the places I went through, they still have no sign of being torn out or peeled off. Therefore, I’m writing this review to show you the 5 best boots on the market. If you love hiking just like me, they are not what you should ignore.

Salomon Men’s Quest 4D GTX

best hiking boots men - best hiking shoes for wide feet 2017

The first thing impressed me was not its outlook but material. It was textile covered by leather, which was completely creative. This combination also made it waterproof and damp-proof in different types of weather.

So you can use it almost anywhere and any place you like. I have been through many severe conditions, such as swamps or even walk in the forest while it was still raining. And these boots still worked out very well.

Moreover, its smart and unique design also interested me a lot. I liked its high structure with three layers on its sole, including Dynamic Cushioning, 4d Stability, All-Mountain Traction. That is why you will always feel so soft when walking even when you already have to walk a long way.

A highly protective rubber toe cap found in this pair will also expand the widest space for your toes to move. Therefore, after buying it, I had no worries about getting hurt or uncomfortable after going down the slope or climbing a high cliff anymore.

These boots will give you the most relaxing feeling ever just like it brought to me.

KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot.

best hiking boots men 2016-2017 - best hiking shoes for wide feet

If you are planning to a tropical forest, this pair would be perfect. It’s waterproof on both outside and inside. Leather and textile have always been excellent materials to prevent water from touching your skin.

Besides, this pair also has a breathable membrane, which can keep your feet dry in the damp condition of the tropical forest. And your feet will always feel comfortable and airy while walking. Cleaning the pair is very easy and quick as well.

Thanks to its leather material, you won’t find it so hard to wash it. A washing machine is not really necessary because you may waste too much water. A brush and a little washing powder are sufficient in this situation.

After only two or three minutes, I’m sure all of the dirt and mud will come out. It’s such a short period, isn’t it? Then, flush them with water and expose the shoes into the sun to destroy bacteria

Vasque Men’s St. Elias Gore-Tex Backpacking Boot

best hiking boots men - best hiking shoes for wide feet

I have to admit that this pair has a fantastic design. In fact, it is the most beautiful one in my collection. Its metal eyelets are very individual with round shape and different logos on them.

After you wash the pair, they will look very shiny while walking. The straps are also very reasonably designed, which have a sufficient length and I had no troubles with stepping on them while moving my feet.

And I also love the sole made by synthetic of this pair, which is quite soft and flexible. If you have it, you won’t have to worry about being slipped while walking on open terrains. Furthermore, these boots will give you several conveniences.

Due to its lightweight, there are not many difficulties for you to put it in your backpack and carry it on the way home. Or if you are walking and find a great stream that makes you want to cool your feet in, just take off these shoes and tie it around the strap of your bag. You will hardly feel any burden while enjoying nature.

Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot (Brown)

best hiking boots men 2016 - best hiking shoes for wide feet

These boots from Lowa have been used by tons of professional climbers, hikers, and mountaineers from all over the world. When I signed up for Fansipan mountain climbing last month, and the group had the first meeting, a half of its members were using this pair. It was really amazing.

Moreover, I like the feeling when touching it. It’s smooth with leather, synthetic, and Vibram sole. The pair’s sturdy design and size can protect your feet from any insects or dangerous reptiles.

Moreover, despite its tightness, you won’t feel uncomfortable at all. It has perforations which allow air to flow through while you are walking. Therefore, your feet will always feel dry and cold.

This product also has variable colors for you to choose, such as black, brown, red, blue, or orange. Feel free to make your option.

Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Mix Hiking Boot (Black)

best hiking boots men 2016 best hiking shoes for wide feet

This last pair is also from Lowa but has so many different advantages. I’m going to go Fansipan mountain climbing next month, so I think I will buy this pair. Its stability really impresses me.

Because the weather on the mountain is quite harsh and different day by night, this light-weight pair with a GORE-TEX waterproof feature and climate controlling can be a big help. Its Vibram footbed can also evaporate moisture and heat through your soles.

Therefore, you will feel ventilated on your feet no matter what terrains you are walking on. Also, the way the laces are arranged and designed was unique. With Derby-Style, the laces make this black pair looks just like the boots of an ancient warrior about a thousand years ago. That is why you will feel not only comfortable but also look terrific when wearing this pair.

What Are The Best Hiking Boots?

The Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet 2017

Backpacking Boots

Backpacking boots are mainly reserved for heavier hiking. Very supportive and sturdy, these boots offer a stiffer midsole than their light hiking boot counterparts, and are perfect for bulkier backpack loads and multiday, off-or-on trail hiking.

Hiking Boots

This standard hiking boot is intended for your regular weekend or day hikes. With great flexibility these hiking boots are perfect for anyone picking their first boot or just can’t decide which one to select. They are very flexible and usually don’t take long to break in. Typically these boots are mid or high cut, but they do lack the hold and sturdiness of the aforementioned backpacking boots.

Light Hiking Boots

These light hiking shoes are essentially hefty jogging shoes, designed for the hiker who isn’t interested in heavy backpack loads, but just wants to get out for a quick hike. Then again, a hiker that is looking for an, extended-on trail hike but extremely light weight packing would be wise to choose these kinds of hiking boots for ease of mobility.


Fitting Your Foot To Your Hiking Boot

Now that you’ve pin pointed the type of boot for the hikes that you’ll be embarking on, it is crucial that you make sure that the boot you choose will fit. One of the more painful things you’ll ever encounter in hiking is to find yourself miles away from where you started when you begin to develop blisters or other sores in your foot because of a poor choose made in sizing your foot to your boot.

How a boot fits is easily the most crucial decision to make when determining what hiking boot is right for you. It is what will stop you from developing those pesky blisters and other sores as well as what hikers call “toe bang” which occurs on downhill hiking. Your foot should fit very snug in your boot when all is said and done.

Take some time to walk around the boot store if you’re shopping in person. Make sure everything feels right after you lace up your boots- make sure there’s no rubbing on your heels or the sides of your toes. If you’re shopping online make sure to read customer reviews of people who have the same shoe size as you. Be aware of 3 things when fitting your foot to your boot:

  • Length: You should be able to move your toes around with ease while also getting enough support. You don’t want your toes sliding around, but you also don’t want them scrunched up.
  • Width: Again, feet should have enough room to not be scrunched, but they shouldn’t slide from side to side. Make sure they’re snug, but not too snug.
  • Volume: When we say volume, we mean the majority of your foot should fit in with a little room leftover. Always make sure you walk around to ensure optimal comfort.

Low, Medium, and High Boot Cut

  • Low-cut boots: Low cut boots are designed for lighter, quicker hiking on milder terrain. The reason being that they don’t provide optimal support for ankles. They are more prone to ankle rolls and are more susceptible to dirt and debris getting inside your boot. Keen hiking boots are the best I’ve come across in this category.
  • Mid-cut boots: Mid cut boots are your boot if you’re linking for some standard support and some blockage of debris while still having flexibility.
  • High-cut boots: High cut boots are made for optimal support and debris blockage but are the least flexible boot. These are the boots you would pick for an off trail hike or for rough terrain. It is pertinent to note here that before you are to go on a long excursion to be sure to break your boot in to ensure maximum comfort. Asolo boots are the best that I’ve come across for this category.

Best Work Boots For Walking On Concrete


Before selecting which work boot you need, you must first decide where you will be working. There are many types of work boots available, and I’ll show you which boots you will need for the specific job that you’ll be working on.

Best Working Boots For Your Job

  • Leather Boots– Leather boots are primarily just your basic boots. Most sites will have this heading for the generic, standard work boot. These boots offer standard support and protection.
  • Logger Boots– Logger boots are made for working in any type of forestry or occupation that requires protection of your calves, so these boots will have a high rise, most of the times between 7” and 10”. They do offer good ankle support as well.
  • Steel Toe Work Boots– Steel Toe Work Boots are for your heavier construction site jobs. Anything from concrete to masonry is what you’d use steel toed work boots for. As their name suggests, these offer protection from dropping anything on your toes by putting a steal barrier above them.
  • Pull On Boots- Pull on boots are your pull on, high rise work boot. With no laces, these boots aren’t for a job that you need support for. These were designed for the cowboy or ranch worker–because of the high rise it prevents dirt and debris from entering the boot.

Best Hiking Boots For Women

We know that being a woman means you need comfort and quality while still looking great. That’s why we’ve selected the 4 best stylish and reliable shoes for all of your hiking needs.

Keen Targhe II Mid Women’s Hiking Boots

Coming in colors of Jade Green or Blue Spruce, this Keen Targhe II Mid Women’s Hiking Boot seems to be very promising in terms of style. Also, Keen calls this boot “four wheel drive for your feet” because of the traction you get while not compromising any comfort and durability.

This boot is light and is a mid-height to keep your feet dry. A waterproof leather mesh keeps your feet protected from the elements while letting your feet breath. The support lets you backpack in small amounts while allowing you to stay quick and nimble on your feet because of the flexibility.

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