Run­ning With The Stars

J.R Martinez

I have to admit, I don’t watch much TV. I don’t have the time. So when I heard that J.R. Mar­tinez was going to run the NYC Marathon to raise funds for New York Road Run­ners Youth Pro­grams, I didn’t even know who he was — but his story grabbed my interest.

Let’s start at the end. In fact that’s where J.R. is going to start the NYC Marathon. At the end. He will start the race in last place, and Timex will donate one dol­lar ($1) to NYRR Youth Pro­grams for every run­ner J.R. passes. That’s pretty cool. Any­thing that helps get our youth off the couch and on their feet is alright with me.

But then I found out more about J.R. Mar­tinez. In 2003, when he was only nine­teen years old, the humvee that J.R. was dri­ving in Iraq hit a road­side bomb. The explo­sion ejected the other three pas­sen­gers from the vehi­cle, but J.R. was caught inside the burn­ing wreck­age, sus­tain­ing burns over 34 per­cent of his body. He spent almost three years in recov­ery, under­go­ing 33 operations.

Since then he has used his expe­ri­ences and his story to cham­pion vet­er­ans’ causes and moti­vate oth­ers to push through adver­sity and achieve what they didn’t think they could accom­plish. And now he’s tak­ing on a new cause to sup­port youth run­ning and inspire run­ners of all ages.

Here’s his story for why he hooked up with Timex — you should check it out because it’s pretty neat.