Preventing Calfs Pain


After a working day, you often feel pain, or heavy in the calves. You fear of serious illness. If you have pain in sore muscles and usually at the end of the day it is highly likely that you have a varicose leg.

Aching legs due to varicose veins are caused by blood stagnation in the lower part of the leg causing pressure, so you feel pain. Stagnation is caused by stasis of blood circulation, it makes the stagnation becomes more severe and pain is increased and appeared earlier in the day.

Who Is Easily Get Foots Pain?

Those who less woks, often standing or sitting all the time, working as official staff, medical staff, teachers, workers ... or those who often sat cross-legged, kneeling, calf sitting up as religious people ...

Advice From Doctors

1/ Quit smoking immediately

Statistics show that 100 people were hurt in calf, there are 80 who smoke. When you smoke, your blood contains less oxygen, more carbon dioxide. Nicotine in cigarettes make blood circulation is more difficult. Therefore, the oxygen for biceps, calves are not enough, it causes this pain

2/ Exercise

Doctors recommend walking, of course. Calf pain occurs when walking, and you will have to walk regularly to fix it. Take a fast walk until you feel the calfs pain. Do not stop there, but let's keep going for a while, until you need to take a rest.

Please take a few minutes to calm down the pain, then continue walking. Doing it few hours in every day. If the weather is not allowed to walk outside, you should buy an exercise bike or walking type spot. Remember to practice it every day, you will see the pain is reduces.

3/ Pay attention to blood pressure and cholesterol levels

All bloods disease are related to two indicators. You should go to the doctor regularly to measure blood pressure and blood cholesterol. Typically,with calf soreness disease, your doctor will tell that you have also high blood pressure or high blood cholesterol. Please remember that the calf pain is only a symptom, the really danger is in the two indices blood pressure and cholesterol.

4/ No cure for yourself

For a little pain, we often do not appreciate and listen to the advice of many people to heal the pain. We usually massage, acupuncture, herbal foot soak, lather hot oil ... Especially hot oiled is chosen by many people because the heat is spillover and finish the pain at that moment.

However, the fact that heating oil makes more veins to stretch more and do it worse. When patients go to the doctor, the disease has become severe.

6 Ways To Reduce Foot Pain Due To High Heel

High heels help women become more beautiful, but also cause legs joints fatigue, skin redness, swelling and pain.

1/ Rub ice

It is the first thing you should do as soon as getting home, to minimize foot pain for the next day. You should apply ice or cold packs around heel minimal 15 minutes. This will not only relieve pain but also prevent edema effectively.

2/ Soak feet

If there is enough time to relax, soak the foot is the best way to restore your heel. Add epsom salts or essential oils to the warm water, soak the foot and rub it together to increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation and relax the leg muscles that are tensed.

3/ Change into flat shoes

You should wear flat shoes. At this point, the legs are in a state of extremely sensitive, more vulnerable so you have to be careful.

4/ Foot massage


If you dont go to spa, you should learn some movements of foots massages to do at home. Apply some moisturizing cream to the foot and massage regularly in 15-30 minutes before going to the bed to ease the feet.

Pay attention to the ankle, heel, and thumb. These parts have to bear and are easily blessed most. Or more simply, you can sit on a chair, foot loose and roll a tennis ball under the feet to increase circulation areas.

5/ Workout

The exercises for the feet are useful to help reduce the foots pain when wearing heels often. The stretching movements help relax the muscles of the legs, increasing endurance and strength.

5/ Consulting the doctor

Finally, go to the doctor if your feet hurt or the pain is increased each day, appearing numbness of the fingers. It could be the sign that your shoes are not really suitable or a specific underlying disease.

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