Your body needs a tune-​​up

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The NASCAR Busch Series field at Texas Motor S...

I was pump­ing gas the other day when an adver­tise­ment at the pump caught my atten­tion. Some NASCAR dri­ver was pro­mot­ing that par­tic­u­lar brand of gas, back­ing his rec­om­men­da­tion with the quote, “I know more about how my car works than I do about my own body.”

Now I guess for a NASCAR dri­ver that may be a fair thing to say, but it got me think­ing — how many Amer­i­cans do you think could say the same thing? I have no research to back this up, but I would guess that you’d find more Amer­i­cans would say the same thing rather than the other way around.

And that’s just wrong.

There’s no rea­son for peo­ple to not know how their bod­ies work, and even less rea­son for peo­ple to take bet­ter care of their cars than them­selves. When is the last time you gave your body a tune-​​up?

We worry about putting pre­mium fuel into our cars, but we eat junk at McDonald’s. We worry about chang­ing the oil every 3000 miles, but we’re afraid to go to the doc­tor for a rou­tine checkup. We rotate and change our tires reg­u­larly, but we walk around in old worn down shoes with slanted heels.

And yet, you can replace a car. If it breaks down, you can get another one. A bet­ter, newer, faster, and stronger one.

What will you do when your body breaks down?

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