4 fan­tas­tic Ways to Get Kids in Love With Running


Many par­ents hope to raise kids who love exer­cis­ing and will embrace healthy liv­ing. Though run­ning is often a soli­tary endeavor, it can also be made into a fam­ily hobby to teach kids about the impor­tance and fun of phys­i­cal activ­ity. If you want your kids to join you on the track, the trail or the road, then here are 4 great ways to instill the joy of run­ning in them.

  • Set the Exam­ple

As with any other par­ent­ing advice, being sure to set a good exam­ple is at the heart of engag­ing kids to run with you. If you want to fos­ter a love of run­ning in your chil­dren, then it is impor­tant that they see you enjoy­ing it first.

“If you want kids to have fun, you have to be hav­ing fun your­self. Be ready to laugh and enjoy the moment,” writes Dou­glas Fin­ley for Runner’s World. Estab­lish your pat­tern of jog­ging and exer­cise and then invite the rest of your fam­ily to join you.

See­ing how mom and dad try to live healthy and have fun doing it can become a pow­er­ful moti­va­tor for chil­dren who nat­u­rally emu­late pat­terns they see prac­ticed by their parents.

  • Make It a Fam­ily Time

After your whole fam­ily is on board, it is essen­tial to remem­ber that while run­ning as a fam­ily, the run is pri­mar­ily about your kids. “Run with your child either before, after or com­pletely sep­a­rate form your own run,” rec­om­mends Fin­ley.

“You can’t make the child the cen­ter of atten­tion when you are doing your own work­out.” Focus fam­ily runs on sim­plic­ity and max­i­mum fun and use other time to get the more intense work­out you need as an individual.

  • Make Run­ning a Fun Activ­ity

When attempt­ing to nur­ture a love for run­ning in your chil­dren, hav­ing fun is one of the fore­most objec­tives. There are mul­ti­ple ways to mix up a fam­ily run to cap­i­tal­ize on hav­ing fun. The Cen­ter for Children’s Run­ning advises tak­ing reg­u­lar runs to new places.

This can even include going for a fam­ily job when on vaca­tions. The excite­ment of tra­vers­ing new ground with fresh views might even become a fam­ily tra­di­tion to look for­ward to.Other great ways to mix up a fam­ily run include:

  • Set­ting up an obsta­cle course.
  • Tak­ing a flash­light run at night.
  • Jog­ging to a lake or pool on a hot day.
  • Play­ing sprint­ing games like Red Light Green Light or Simon Says.
  • Mak­ing match­ing run­ning t-​​shirts for the whole family.
  • Set Fun Goals

Finally, the right moti­va­tion can give your brood of young jog­gers a good goal to work towards together. Per­haps your kids are inter­ested in join­ing a cross coun­try team and can begin train­ing together.

Or your fam­ily might decide together to enter a 5K, fun run or Turkey Trot race. These are just some of the semi-​​competitive but mostly for fun events that your gang can use to set pos­i­tive goals.

And as you con­sider set­ting tar­gets, you may also want to con­sult your family’s per­son­al­ized health­care provider about what proper goals look like and how to ensure the right nutri­tion to meet them.

With these fun activ­i­ties and healthy habits, your fam­ily can soon enjoy all the ben­e­fits of run­ning together.